Make a Wish..

Make a Wish..

December 26, 2018 flourish & thrive Positive Psychology 0


To a great extent, well-being depends on your ability to choose a direction in life, to form intentions and to make sure you are following a certain preferred path (Schmuck & Sheldon, 2001). Life goals – which are also called core goals, personal strivings, personal projects, life tasks and future aspirations – are specific motivational objectives by which you direct your live. They are not the same as needs because they are formulated at the conscious level. They differ from values one may hold. They are also distinct from short-term goals because they direct your life for an extended duration. Research has found that knowing what life goals you are pursuing, why you are pursuing them, and how well these goals correspond with your values can help improve the quality of your life.

What is your wish for 2019?

Below you find a link to an exercise that can help you define your values, life tasks and future aspirations. This expressive writing exercise will take between 10 and 20 min of your time for 4 consecutive days.

After you thought about your wishes for 2019, you have the opportunity to make a plan on how to make your wishes a reality.

Follow the link here

Special Gift just for you

Now you have a plan, we offer you a free online coaching session to discuss your plan with you, and assist you to make your wish a reality. Book your session below:

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We wish you a year with exciting challenges and loads of happy and successful moments.

Judith Coulson-Geissmann
MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching
Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist
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